We love these mixes and the stories they tell. 


Mystery mix by Tartaria Magna. A fantastic find last year and on constant repeat listens. Dive into the cemented edge of reality! 


Surreal and gentle mix by Katsunori Sawa for Stray Landings. Mr.Sawa's music is known for its hyper kick patterns and dark grooves, but his passion for other genres are heavily expressed through his refreshing podcasts. 


Forever cherished! The maestro! 


Damaskin for Sombra. Creepy electronics, absolutely spellbinding from the hypnotic wizard.

None Friendly

The Gerogerigegege is a band met with either immediate disgust or curiosity. One of the core drivers of Gero's popularity and longevity is the fact that there is very little information about the band. Juntaro Yamanouchi, the founding member is shrouded by mystery and rumors. I've read claims of him being the son of a famous pianist and for a long time, thought to be tied up in a psychiatric hospital. After over a decade of silence, Juntaro suddenly appeared under the Gero guise in 2016 with a new serene album called Moenai Hai and is currently active online.

None Friendly

My first encounter with the band was not the infamous Tokyo Anal Dynamite release. Despite being a long time listener of other Japanese noise mainstay artists such as Merzbow and Hijokaidan, I was never introduced to the odd universe of Gerogerigegege, until I came across Hell Driver and Endless Humiliation. The delicate, personal, and hauntingly beautiful piano recordings sparked my interest and I fell into the rabbit hole.

Endless Humiliation

I mainly approach Gero as Dada-influenced exhibitionists . Sometimes it's easy to categorize their music and other times, sound like mindless collages or audio porn.  


"On April 23rd 2003, The GeroGeriGeGeGe hits the road on 8 city west coast tour. They would them make history by partaking in the first ever all scratch music tour. The unique thing about this record is that most of the sounds were designed and arranged before the group actually rehearsed it. In other words, you will hear this record and be challenged with the question on how to use the sounds just as they were. With less than 2 weeks to practice, the member took bits and pieces of sounds from this record, and created the vibe featured on this tour. Like any The GeroGeriGeGeGe releases, this is not your average record, this is an instrument featuring custom made sounds, vintage synths, as well as samples from seminal albums such as "Sketchbook: An Introduction to Good Music". Whether you're trying to mimic the song performed on the tour and album, create original good music, or producing tracks traditionally, there's enough samples to bang out multiple albums. A piece of history on wax."

This liner note from Gero's latest self-titled LP from last year didn't make any sense. Why should it? It's The Gerogerigegege! The liner notes were just copied and edited from a 2004 scratch record for turntablists. The even more hilarious fact is that the music is completely lifted from an old Japanese funk/soul record. I remembered laughing out loud hysterically when I first played the LP. The execution was perfect.

Gero CD

I was fortunate to find very reasonable & friendly sellers on Yahoo JP for a lot of the releases. The only regret was passing up on the VHS that contained original footage of the now popular online video of band member Gero 30 performing with a vacuum and Juntaro being a total coquette. 

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