Naoki Ishida & Ayato


It's already beginning to feel like Spring in the Bay Area. As we get closer to announcing our first 12" release, we share more inspiring music that's played in the house. 

Organic Industries.JPG

Naoki Ishida & Ayato - PHAE

Ryosuke Miyata - Sea of Nebukawa

Michiru Aoyama - 暖かな季節

Organic Industries' collection of Japanese ambient mastery and beautiful hand-made releases are a personal favorite. I consistently return to the label during seasonal transitions. Gorgeous soundscapes, get lost in it! 

Hako Yamasaki - 

Hako Yamasaki - 綱渡り

It's astonishing Hako was only in her teens when she recorded this album. It's fantastic to see her music being shared more in the past years. Beautiful folk tunes from a great era. 

Yasuo Sugibayashi.JPG

Yasuo Sugibayashi - The Mask Of The Imperial Family

The recent trend in reissuing hidden Japanese gems is a welcoming. I purchased this record in Amsterdam last year and it's been in constant rotation. The podcast series hosted from Lullabies for Insomniacs is also highly recommended.

Damien Dubrovnik.JPG

Damien Dubrovnik ‎– Great Many Arrows

A nice return to form for the Posh Isolation collective. One of my personal favorites last year from the Danish noise purveyors.